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9. - 10. století

The Slavník

Czech aristocratic families
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The relationship between the Slavník family and the Přemyslid dynasty is still very much a matter of discussion.
The most popular theory is the so-called dual interpretation. There was rivalry between those two powerful aristocratic families which finally came to a climax towards the end of the 10th century when the Slavník were slaughtered. As a result the Přemyslid became masters of the Czech Lands. This theory was taught by Goll's School and it was supported by the archaeological explorations of Rudolf Turek. The theory wasn´t questioned

until the beginnings of the nineties of the 20th century.
According to the theory proposed in particular by a historian named Sláma, the Slavník and Přemyslid were relatives, but the Slavník were away, guarding the especially important trade route named Trstenická Path. Hence, it would have been impossible for them to compete or fight with the Přemyslid.
The original theory of dual interpretation and the romantic clash of two powerful dynasties is however well rooted in, the new theory is accepted by professional circles only.


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