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17. - 18. století

Petr Brandl

the primary representative of the Czech Baroque at its peak
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Petr Brandl was born in 1668 in Prague into a rich family, however he prodigalized the majority of his assets and he died in poverty in Kutná Hora. He was among the most important painters of the Baroque when it was at its peak. Primarily, he worked in Central Europe and his best work ranks with the highest level of European painting at the time. His many works may also be seen in Prague. Among his most important works are the “Last Communion

of the Hermit Vintíř” and the “Death of St. Benedict” in the church at the Břevnov Monastery. His other works include St. Joachim, St. Anna, St. Simon and St. Joseph painted in the Chruch of Our Lady Victorious. His other significant works include St. Lawrence and St. Linhart on the altar located in St. Clement’s Church within Prague’s Clementinum, as well as the large-scale canvas “Joseph and His Brothers” in the castle in Jindřichov Hradec.


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