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19. století

Luděk Marold

An artistic painter and illustrator, author of the masterpiece named "Bitva u Lipan" (Battle of Lipany)
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Luděk Marold had a great sense of observation which he successfully used on several of his paintings. An example is an oil painting named "Z Vaječného Trhu" (From the Eggs Market). In 1889, he travelled to Paris. He quickly gained a foothold over there and became famous with his illustrations of foreign and Bohemian literature. At the exhibition in Munich in 1892, he was awarded a gold medal, which made him famous internationally. Even in Paris, Marold did not forget to paint, being inspired by the French environment. Thanks

to his stay in Paris, he became closely acquainted with the decorative Art Nouveau style, and introduced the simple depiction in his work. In 1898, he again lived in Prague, where at the exhibition of architecture and engineering he greatly surprised the audience with his magnificent panorama called Battle of Lipany, which can be seen in the Marold's Pavilion at the Prague's Fairgrounds near Stromovka Park. It is the famous epic of the fratricidal battle of the Hussites. The artwork is 11 meters tall and 95 meters wide.


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