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Schwarzenberg Palace

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A unique Renaissance palace
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In 1545, in place of three older houses at Hradčanské Square, was erected an imposing Renaissance palace for the aristocratic family of Lobkowicz after a design by architect Agostino Galli. The palace, including its sgraffito decorations of a Northern-Italy type, was completed in 1567. The layout is in the shape of the letter "T". The court of honour joins the square and it ends with a gate with latticework.

The Renaissance style is revealed by the already mentioned sgraffito decorations, as well as by a noteworthy lunette cornice, and high gables. In 1719, the palace was acquired through marriage by the Schwarzenberg family – namely Adam František, Prince of Schwarzenberg.
Today, the palace is administered by the National Gallery in Prague, which organised the exhibition called "Baroque in Bohemia".

GPS: 50° 5′ 21.27″ N, 14° 23′ 50.06″ E

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Ulice Hradčanské nám. 2 Město Praha 1


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