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9. století

Christianity spreads

Christianity spreads in the Czech lands
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During the entire 9th century, Christianity gradually penetrated the Czech Land becoming widespread in the second half of the 9th century. Then, there were contact with an Irish-Scottish mission from the West and Latin, as well as with a Byzantine Eastern mission from the brothers Cyril and Methodius. They belonged to the Greek Church which was better developed as opposed to the Latin Church. The Byzantine mission was centrered particularly in the powerful Great Moravian Empire, whereas the Latin mission found its base in Bohemia on the territory of the powerful future royal family of

Přemyslid. Bořivoj was baptised at the turn of the seventies and the eighties of the 9th century, together with his wife Ludmila and his court. Despite the fact than penetration of Christianity was difficult, the ruling prince accepting it was very influencial. Christianity gradually strengthened during the 10th century, thanks to a pragmatic policy (privileges given to Christians), or thanks to martyrs, such as for instance Prince Wenceslas, later made a saint. In the 11th century, Christianity dominated the towns and the remains of paganism survived only in the deep countryside.


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