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Princess Libuse

Mythical Bohemian princess and founder of Prague
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Libuse is said to have been the youngest daughter of the ruler Krok. She distinguished herself when she prophesized the foundation of Prague.
She had two elder sisters and all of them had supernatural abilities. Kazi had healing abilities, Teta talked to spirits, and Libuse predicted the future. Following the wish of their father, Libuse became his successor, a princess and a judge. Although she appeared as a just and a wise woman, men disdained

her gentleness. She chose Premyslid the Ploughman from the village Stadic as her husband.
Legend says that Libuse prophesized the foundation of Prague from her castle Libusin (according to later legends Vysehrad). One day, Libuse was standing with Premyslid on her courtyard and was looking at the landscape when the surroundings darkened and she saw the future – she saw a huge city.
According to the myth, this is how Prague was founded.

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