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Žižkov Television Transmitter Tower

Prague rocket
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The Žižkov Television Transmitter Tower is today's tallest structure in Prague. It measures 216 meters and it was built between 1985 and 1992. The people of Prague call it the "Raketa" (Rocket). The project triggered many controversies, for instance concerning a possible electromagnetic field in the neighbourhood. However a special committee overruled them. The structure consists of three circular steel tubes, all 3 reaching 134 meters. The main tube has two high-speed elevators and ends with an

antenna. The tubes has three cabins in total. A restaurant is situated at the height of 66 meters. there is an observatory room at 93 meters. The cabin situated on top houses transmission equipment. The equipment serves four television and six radio stations, as well as transmitters for mobile phones operators. The Prague air pollution is also measured from here. Since 2000, "crawling babies" have been on the pillars of the tower, this is the artwork of controversial Czech artist David Černý.

GPS: 50° 4′ 51.85″ N, 14° 27′ 3.93″ E

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