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Zlatá Ulička

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A unique street between fortification walls
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The "Zlatá Ulička" (Golden Alleyway) is one of the most picturesque places inside the perimeter of the Prague Castle. The narrow lane is actually a walkthrough between the Romanesque and the late Gothic fortification of the northern part of the Prague Castle. It was created around the year 1579 with the construction of sixteen small houses leaning against the fortification wall, which at the end of the 16th century connected "Bílá Věž" (White Tower) and Daliborka Tower, this was part of the new fortification system designed by architect Benedikt Ried. Until today, the walkthrough and corridor remain leading under the roofs of the houses, which was used by the castle security guards for

watching and defending.
A legend says that there were alchemist workshops in the Golden Alleyway under the reign of Emperor Rudolf the Second. Obeying the emperor´s wishes, the alchemists sought a way to produce gold, hence the name of the street. The reality is however different. The houses accommodated exclusively members of the emperor's castle guards. Later, poor people of Prague lived here. The magical atmosphere of the place also lured in artists to come and enjoy the neighborhood. In the house number 22, writer Franz Kafka lived between November 1916 and August 1917. He rented the apartment from his sister.
Currently most of the houses serve as little shops and galleries.

GPS: 50° 5′ 30.96″ N, 14° 24′ 13.5″ E

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Ulice Zlatá ulička - Pražský hrad Město Praha 1


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