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Monument to Master Jan Hus

"National Martyr of the True Faith"
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The artist of the monument to Master Jan Hus was selected by a public tender put forward in 1900. The winning design was of sculptor Ladislav Šaloun. He successfully incorporated elements of Art Nouveau following the example of French sculptor August Rodin. The central figure of Master Jan Hus is surrounded by a group symbolizing the "God's Warriors" (that is how the Hussite warriors called themselves)

and by a second group of exiles forced to leave the Czech Land because of their beliefs after the Battle of the White Mountain. The monument was unveiled in 1915 and it was in opposition to the Baroque Mariánský Pillar – the Catholic plague pillar – standing at the centre of the square. The pillar was torn down by a mob of people during the first days of independent Czechoslovakia in October 1918.

GPS: 50° 5′ 15.99″ N, 14° 25′ 16.44″ E

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