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10. století

Saint Adalbert

Bishop of Prague and martyr, of the Slavnik dynasty
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He was the second bishop of Prague and a well-educated man from the Slavnik dynasty. He dealt with various issues in a very innovative way and as a bishop he endeavored to fight numerous established social ills. But he was not successful and eventually had to abandon his office. After the slaughtering of the members of his family, he went on a mission to convert the heathen Prussians, but was killed in the process. He was canonized right in 999 and belongs to the preeminent patron saints of Bohemia, Poland and Hungary.
He was the son of the founder of the Slavnik dynasty and was given first-class education (he even studied in Magdeburg). Upon returning to Prague he replaced the first bishop of Prague Dietmar and

hurled himself with passion in the fulfillment of his office.
He mainly tried to eradicate or at least restrict polygamy, alcoholism and slave trade in heathen regions. But he only gained little success during the five years of his office, which exasperated him so he eventually left Bohemia for Italy. Later he became bishop one more time and founded the Brevnov monastery. But after two years he got disgusted once again and left his office again. In 995, Duke Boleslav II ordered the slaughtering of the Slavnik dynasty, which sealed Adalbert’s feelings towards the Czech conditions and he left for a mission to convert the heathen Prussians. He was killed by martyrdom in the process together with his companions.


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