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Miloš Forman

A renowned movie director, screenwriter and actor of Czech origin living in the United States
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Miloš Forman is one of the most renowned Czech movie directors and he is one of the few who significantly penetrated into the international and particularly the Hollywood scene.
Miloš Forman was born in 1932 in the town of Čáslav. He was raised in an orphanage with a boarding school, which had been founded after World War II in Poděbrady for the war victims. In this school, he met Ivan Passer or Jerzy Skolimowský from Poland, a future movie director. Miloš Forman became an orphan during the World War II when his parents died in a concentration camp.
He wanted to study at DAMU (Theater Academy of Musical Arts) – Theatre School. He was not admitted, and so went to FAMU (Film Academy of Musical Arts), where he studied scriptwriting and script editing.
Miloš Forman

righteously belongs to the luminaries of the Czech and foreign motion picture industry. He is among the important Czech, American and other world-renowned movie directors, and he is popular with the audience and the critics around the world.

Movies Directed by Miloš Forman:
1963 – Konkurs (Audition)
1963 – Černý Petr (Black Peter)
1966 – Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky (Loves of a Blonde)
1968 – Hoří, Má Panenko (The Firemen's Ball)
1971 – Odcházím (Taking Off)
1974 – Přelet nad Kukaččím Hnízdem (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
1979 – Vlasy (Hair)
1981 – Ragtime (Ragtime) – musical
1984 – Amadeus (Amadeus)
1989 – Valmont (Valmont)
1996 – Lid versus Larry Flynt (The People vs. Larry Flynt)
1999 – Muž na Měsíci (Man on the Moon)
2007 – Goyovy Přízraky (Goya's Ghosts)


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