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14. - 15. století

Procopius the Shaven

A radical Hussite priest and a military leader
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He was a prominent Hussite priest, who became the foremost leader of the Taborites’ radical league after the death of Zizkov.
It is said that even though he was a general, he never killed a man by his own hand for he observed God’s commandment. He was one of the few Hussite priests to shave, hence the nickname given to him by the Taborite soldiers.
He had an urban education and had the advantage of having been taken care of in his childhood and youth by a very rich uncle, who ensured him a worthy education and enabled him to discover the wide world during his business trips. He was headed for an excellent career as a priest, but after the burst

of the Hussite revolution, he became one of the leading proponents of the movement.
In 1426 he took command of the Taborite forces and was the most illustrious representative of the Hussite movement at that time. He was a very talented military leader – his successes include victories at the battles near Usti nad Labem, Tachov and Domažlice, which led to the overthrow of the crusades against the Hussites. He was the first to organize the so-called Beautiful Rides (Spanilé jízdy), the Hussite expeditions abroad to conquer new territory, and he strengthened the power of the Hussites.
He died in a fratricide battle between Hussites near Lipany.


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