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Old Prague Club

Association for the preservation of Prague monuments, founded in 1900
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The Old Prague Club is a non-political association for the preservation of Prague monuments which was founded in 1900, since then, it has constantly monitored historical monuments in Prague.
It has currently over 1,000 members led by a "Domácí Rada" (Domestic Council), which mainly consists of art historians, architects and urban specialists. The Old Prague Club brings together the professional as well as the laic public, both having the common main interest of preserving Prague unique cultural wealth.
The main activity of the club

is the same since its beginnings: The club monitors the changes inside the city, expresses opinions concerning individual construction modifications and new buildings in Prague, and as the case may be, the club does everything in its power to prevent potential damage being done.
The club has been operating for 100 years, which is the proof that even if such an association has limited power, it can contribute and help preserve the historical Prague heritage.
The club is based in the Lesser Town Bridge Tower on the Lesser Town side.


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