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Bethlehem Chapel

Chapel where Master Jan Hus preached
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The chapel, made famous by the preaching activity of Master Jan Hus, was founded in 1391 by shopkeepers Kříž and by Hanuš of Mühlheim. It was consecrated on the day of St. Mláďátka, killed in Bethlehem (the name of the chapel is derived form here). The place gradually became one of the cradle to the reform movement, out of which later, emanated the Hussite wars. Preacher Jakoubek of Stříbro also worked in the chapel. Following Master Jan Hus' death and after the Hussite wars, the chapel became

a centre for the Utraquist Church. In 1609, the chapel was acquired by the Unity of the Brethren in Prague. After the Battle of the White Mountain, it was confiscated by the Roman Church, and in 1661, it was bought by the Jesuits who transformed it into a Catholic church. After the suppression of the order, following the orders of Joseph the Second, the chapel was deconsecrated, closed and later in 1786 demolished. Today's appearance is the work of architect Jaroslav Fragner from the fifties.

GPS: 50° 5′ 3.64″ N, 14° 25′ 3.2″ E

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Ulice Betlémské náměstí Město Praha 1


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