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Gazebo Hvězda

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A unique Renaissance structure
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The six-point shaped gazebo situated at the end of a large game preserve was built in 1556 to the order of Ferdinand the Third of Tyrol, son of Emperor Ferdinand the First. The Italian builders of the Prague Royal Court Giovanni Maria Aostalli and Bonifác Wohlmut participated in the Renaissance construction. However, the main

ideas are those of Ferdinand the Third of Tyrol, who was knowledgeable in art and alchemy, and who was influenced by Neo-Platonic ideas professing principles of harmony, proportion, symmetry and numerical symbolism. Therefore, the architecture of the gazebo is intertwined with many symbols and philosophical principles.

GPS: 50° 5′ 0.99″ N, 14° 19′ 34.85″ E

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Ulice Obora Hvězda Město Praha 6


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