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Public transportation in Prague

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The Prague Public Transit (MHD) ranks among the top transit systems in Europe. It consists of a network of trams, subways and buses. All three subway lines (A – green, B – yellow, C – red) run from 5am to 12am. During the day, you can expect intervals of 1 to 5 minutes, in evening hours up to 10 minutes. Trams (lines 1 to 29) run daily from 4:30am to 12am, night trams (lines 50-59) run in the remaining time. In the summer it is pleasant to cool off in the subway, which ranks among the cleanest and most reliable subways. In Prague, there is also a well-developed night transit system. The night trams all pass through the central stop Lazarska, from where you can travel to all main parts of the city. Day buses (100-299) are in service from 4:30am to 12:30am, night buses (501-514, 601-604) go the rest of the time. Prague has one funicular on Petrin, it runs in the summer (April to October) from 9am to 11:30pm, and in the winter (November to March) from

9am to 11:20pm. Transfer tickets cost 26 crowns, non-transfer tickets cost 14 crowns, both are valid in the central area of Prague. You can also purchase one or several-day tickets. Tickets can be purchased in machines situated at some tram stops or newspaper stands and in subway stations. More information and specific transit connections can be found at If you wish to travel into surrounding areas of Prague, for instance to the famous castle Karlstein, you can use commuter trains. Commuter trains generally depart from the Main, Masaryk and Smichov train stations. Comfortable high-class long distance trains depart from the station Prague – Holesovice towards other European destinations. More information can be found on the server and connections can be sought out at Fares for both the inner-city public transportation and train connections within the country are generally considered to be quite affordable.


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