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19. - 20. století

Ladislav Klima

Prominent Czech non-conformist philosopher, prose-writer and poet
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The Diogenes of Czech philosophy and a very controversial character. His work, however, is very original and simultaneously very suggestive – Klima as the center of truth and divine subject, identity.
Klima was born in Domazlice into a relatively well-off family. In the year 1895 he was expelled from school for his derogatory comments about the State and the Church. As a rule, Klima boycotted typical lifestyles. He didn’t work and survived thanks to occasional donations from his friends and patrons. He intentionally ostracized himself from society, refusing money and thus testing his “divinity.”
The basic thesis of Klima’s philosophy was the fact

that reality is subject to the will of the individual. The realization of this will is the primary achievement – the point here is the thesis of absolute supremacy of a liberated subject. Absolute sovereignty is a state that he called egodeism. Each individual becomes his proper god, a divine subject which, to Klima, made easier the ecstatic states which he would sometimes provoke in himself. In the end, Klima died of tuberculosis, by which he was affected due to his poor living conditions, to alcoholism, from which he had eventually cured himself, and to hunger.
He undoubtedly belonged to the most significant personalities of Czech philosophy.


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