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18. století

the Enlightement

18th century Intellectual trend
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This is one of the most important intellectual trends of modern times, characterized primarily by a fundamental change of meaning and relevance. It was inspired by the ancient world, the Renaissance, and the idea of humanism. Thus, it gave an entirely new breathing space to the idea of individual freedom and rights and simultaneously it strongly affected religious prominence.
The Age of Enlightenment manifested itself at a social and scientific level too. Within the scope of social stratification, the Age of Enlightenment was a mobilization of the middle class and a disruption of aristocratic immunity.
Within the scope of science, the Age of Enlightenment

was a tool for the unheard-of development of the natural sciences. Especially in France, namely in the persons of Count Buffon and Lamarck, it registered tremendous advancement, even in the direction of a speculative approach. Leibniz and Kant are two major figures of the philosophy of the Enlightenment.
As such, the Age of Enlightenment can be defined as movement having a general negative inclination towards religion and by the use of the intellect as a tool towards freedom and development, which however brought many predicaments. Nevertheless, the significance of the Age of Enlightenment in the formation of the modern society is undisputable.


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