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9. - 10. století

Foundation of Prague

The origins of the castle on the left bank of the Vltava River
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Since time immemorial, Prague has been an important settlement, and in the course of time its significance developped.
According to the legend, Princess Libuše foretold the foundation of the town. Nevertheless, since the 6th century, the Slavonians had begun to colonize the territory of the Prague Basin in the area of today's Veleslavín. Under the reign of Bořivoj in the 9th century, the princely residence was moved from Levý Hradec to a new Prague. With regard to the fact that Bořivoj converted to Christianity, the Church of

the Virgin Mary was built in the castle as early as in 885. Under the reign of Spytihněv, a fortification wall was built and a princely palace was progressively taking shape. In 926, the Rotunda of St. Vitus was built and a trade village slowly began to form in the area of the Lesser Town. Vyšehrad was founded in the second half of the 10th century. The castle became a huge magnet for all handicraft workers and traders. Thus, the town of Prague was slowly becoming a strong medieval settlement, the seat of a princely dynasty.


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