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Antonin Dvorak

One of the most famous composers of all time
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He was a prominent world-famous composer, originally from Bohemia. During his rich career he wrote over 120 opuses and overseas, he became the director of the US National Conservatory of Music, where he schooled many future composers. He was born into the family of a butcher and at the age of 16 he went to Prague to study at the organ school. He began to compose very soon and thanks to his wife’s initiative, his work made its way to Brahms, who was so fascinated that he immediately recommended Dvorak to a Berlin publisher. This was the beginning of Dvorak’s career as the conductor of his own work, which brought him much fame in 1884 in London with the conduction of his very own Stabat

Mater. In 1891 he wrote the famous Requiem and became world-renowned.
Thanks to this, the foundress of the new American National Conservatory, the well-educated Jeanette Thurber, sought him out as a potential director, and after some hesitation, Dvorak accepted the offered career. During this period he composed his most famous opus, the 9th symphony, better known as From the New World.
In his works, Dvorak managed to put strong emphasis on patriotic themes and he specifically addressed Slavonic listeners, while providing to others a distinct insight into the Slavonic sentiment and creative spirit. Without a doubt, he is one of the most significant musical composers of all time.


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