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Regional differences and particularities in the Czech Republic
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The Czech Republic is composed of three main regions: Bohemia, the smaller Moravia to the East and the smallest Silesia to the North-East. It is further divided in 14 smaller regions. The largest city is Prague with 1.2 million inhabitants, followed by the quite smaller Brno with 376 000 inhabitants, and then Ostrava, Olomouc and Pilsen.
The industrial regions are in Northern Moravia and in North-West Bohemia. Vines are primarily grown in South Moravia, and significantly less in Bohemia north of Prague. South Moravia as such has

preserved a great part of its folk traditions in their original form. Apart from Prague, several other smaller towns attract tourists and visitors, such as Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Telč and Litomyšl. Karlovy Vary and for instance Mariansbad (Mariánské Lázně), or Jeseník are spa cities.

Interesting Moravian towns include Olomouc, Kroměříž or Mikulov, which is famous for the wine. However, numerous other towns overflowing with traditions should not be missed, you’ll find more information in guides covering the whole country.

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