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Basic geographical information about the Czech Republic
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The surface of the Czech Republic covers 79 000 km². Its size is comparable to the size of Austria or Ireland, but it could fit 122 times in the USA!
The Czech Republic is an appealing country with the magical capital city of Prague. It is a continental State in Central Europe with a rich cultural, historic and natural heritage.
The immediate neighbors are Germany (to the West, the South-West and the North-West), Poland (to the North), Slovakia (to the East, with which it formed a common

country, Czechoslovakia, until 1992) and Austria (to the South). Its borders are mountainous, with the highest mountain being Snezka with 1602 meters. Mountains thus form a natural border all around the country. The areas around the Elbe and partially around the Morava rivers are formed by lowlands, but most of the territory is hilly. Far from being monotonous, the landscape is varied and traveling through it, in particular in the spring and the summer, is a very pleasant experience.


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