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15. století

The death of Dalibor of Kozojedy

The legend about the Czech nobleman and knight
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Dalibor of Kozojedy was a knight who owned an estate in the Litomerice region. His name is remembered for his support of the vassals during the people’s revolt and for allowing them to abolish labor duties. For his actions he was imprisoned in the tower of the Prague Castle by order of King Vladislas (Vladislas Jagiello). He waited for his sentence for a

very long time and passed it playing the “violin”, which he supposedly built out of matches. With time, the sounds he produced became part of the local color, and he grew famous in the district below the castle. In the end he had his head cut off in March of 1498, the tower however kept its legend and is since then known as the Daliborka (Dalibor tower).


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