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13. - 14. století

Henry of Leipa

The most powerful noble of the early 14th century, from Ronovec
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He was a powerful Bohemian nobleman, John of Luxemburg’s confident and he practically governed the Bohemian kingdom.
He was known for being fond of women and his desire didn’t stop with royal titles.
He started from scratch and climbed the ranks of society with the help of his powerful relative, Hynek of Duba. He already drew the attention on himself during the reign of Wenceslas II, when together with Jan of Vartemberg he led the audacious defense of Kutna Hora against the imperial army in 1304. After the extinction of the Premyslid dynasty, he became the most powerful noble in the country and influenced to a great extent the future development of the country. He gave his support to Henry of Carinthia’s claim to the throne, before abandoning him when he stopped being of use. In the end he gave his support to John of Luxemburg, who however didn’t much trust his ambitions and immense power. In 1311

the king deprived Henry of his position as vice-chamberlain and marshal, thus enraging the man from Leipa, who started building an opposition. In spite of numerous dissensions, he was given his office back in 1315.
The antipathy also grew between him and Queen Elisabeth Premyslid, who disliked Henry’s power. The conflicts with the royal couple reached a peak in 1318, when the nobility threatened John of replacement if he didn’t find common ground with Henry. An agreement was eventually concluded, which favored the Czech nobility.
In the course of years, the king and Henry of Leipa started trusting each other and in 1321, the latter was entrusted with the management of the country during the king’s frequent absences. Henry established his own court in Brno with his lover, the widow queen Elisabeth Richeza (the widow of Wenceslas II), where he eventually died as the effective ruler of the land.


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