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Hall of Mirrors

A popular "old-world" attraction
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The Hall of Mirrors was built following architect Antonín Wiehl´s design. It was the pavilion of the Club of Bohemian Tourists at the Prague Jubilee Exhibition of 1891, where it became one of the main attractions. The structure is a replica of the former Gothic Vyšehrad gate called Špička topped by nine small towers and built in the 14th century by Emperor Charles the Fourth. After going through the

Hall of Mirrors, there is a dramatic view of the painting describing the battle of the People of Prague against the Swedes at the Charles Bridge in 1648. The large-format painting measures 80 square metres and it is the joint project of the brothers Adolf Liebscher and Karel Liebscher. The most popular attraction are the fourteen distorting mirrors that comically deform the visitors reflection.

GPS: 50° 5′ 1.06″ N, 14° 23′ 46.37″ E

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