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Village of Baba

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Functionalist villas
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Baba is a unique complex of Functionalist family homes constructed in 1932. The project was inspired by similar designs in Vratislav, Poland and Stuttgart, Germany. Even though the venture turned out to be a financial failure for the investors, these villas have been admired and valued and stand as an important milestone in the development of modern living. Top Czech architects

worked on the project here on the slope above Dejvice. Thirty standalone villas were created, which were unconventionally arranged inside a rather small space. There were all built following plans of architect Pavel Janák. Among the original Czechoslovak owners were the wealthiest members of the middle class, mostly politicians, lawyers, doctors, artists and architects.

GPS: 50° 6′ 53.42″ N, 14° 23′ 11.05″ E

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Ulice Na Babě Město Praha 6


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