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Loos' Villa – Müller's Villa

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A uniquely preserved Functionalist villa
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The villa was built between 1928 and 1930 based on word-renowned Viennese architect Adolf Loos´ project. It was built as residence for construction company owner František Müller. The villa on the outside creates the impression of being purely Functionalist. However, it has a unique interior based on the so-called "Raumplan" which was created by Adolf Loos. The individual rooms of the villa are situated at various height levels and they are

connected by steps. Adolf Loos, thanks to President T. G. Masaryk became Czechoslovak citizen. He proved to have an exceptional feeling for the setting of the building and for the interior design. He was inspired by the future residents lifestyle and needs rather than the dictate of architecture and design.
The uniquely preserved villa with its original furniture is accessible to the public. it is highly recommended to make a reservation.

GPS: 50° 5′ 33.79″ N, 14° 22′ 42.63″ E

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Ulice Nad hradním vodojemem 14 Město Praha 6


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