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Letná Park

A popular park in Prague with garden restaurants
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The Letná Park is situated on the left bank of Vltava River opposite the Old Town and is one of the most popular relaxing spots in Prague. The green area measures over 25 hectares and it offers various options for sports and leisure. The area of the former Stalin's Monument is popular with lovers of alternative skateboarding. The open plain is also popular with inline skaters and cyclists. The grassed

areas are used by amateur football, lacrosse and softball competitions. Lovers appreciate the benches and lawns. A large garden restaurant near the Letná Manor is literally packed with guests during the hot summer days. It would be a mistake to get discouraged by the long line of guests waiting for their beer, better be patient and enjoy the beautiful view of the " hundred spires" city.

GPS: 50° 5′ 51.17″ N, 14° 24′ 59.83″ E


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