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Bílek's Villa

Atelier of Art Nouveau sculptor František Bílek
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Bílek's Villa, former atelier of sculptor František Bílek, was built in 1911 following the author's own design. This is the result of his search for an authentic expression of the explanation of the essence of the world. The villa, as many other Bílek's sculptures, expresses the author's mystical vision of the universe, in this case symbolised by a field of corn. The villa's horizontal projection is derived from the tracks of a scythe. The walls made of rough bricks are rhythmically structured

with light ear-of-grain-shaped pillars, which evoke the Egyptian architecture as well as their morphology. In addition to this mystical concept, was added the interior design dominated by a spacious atelier and decorations with furnishing mostly designed by Bílek alone.
Since 1963, Bílek's Villa has been administered by the City of Prague Gallery. There is a permanent exhibition inside the villa, aside from the original furnishing of the interior, the best of Bílek's works are presented .

GPS: 50° 5′ 42.49″ N, 14° 24′ 30.37″ E

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Ulice Mickiewiczova 1 Město Praha 6


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