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Renovated Synagogue

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The oldest synagogue in Central Europe
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The Old-New Synagogue is one of the oldest preserved Gothic buildings in Prague, and simultaneously the oldest Synagogue in Central Europe. It was built at the very end of the 13th century. Then, it was called the New Synagogue, in order to be differentiated from the older synagogue in Dušní Street, which has now disappeared. After more synagogues were built in Prague, it was named the Old-New Synagogue.
The construction of the synagogue started in the seventies of the 13th century. The synagogue building was erected gradually, it is a rather massive rectangular structure with a gable roof and late Gothic brick gables. The synagogue is surrounded from three sides by later-built annex buildings of lower height, which are used as hallway and a gallery for women. A double-nave interior

vaulted with rib vaults to two central pillars gives the impression of space. In the middle of the northern wall is a box for the scroll bundles of the Torah, in the center of the synagogue there is the speaker´s place with Gothic latticework. Above is the historical flag of the Prague Jewish Town with the emblem of the ghetto.
The Old-New Synagogue was and is a religious centre of the Prague Jewish Town. The eminence of the synagogue is also the fruit of Rabbi Jehuda Löwe ben Bezalel, who according to the legend is the creator of the legendary Golem. As a sign of honor, since his death, nobody has sat on his chair situated to the right of the altar. Other rabbis, better known around the world was Jecheskel Landau, famous scholar and also Chief Rabbi Noda bi Jehuda.

GPS: 50° 5′ 24.43″ N, 14° 25′ 6.77″ E

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