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Slavic Island

Another Prague island with park and the Žofín palace
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The Slavic Island, also called Žofín, is situated almost exactly opposite the National Theatre. It was most likely created through the accumulation of rubble and sediment by the Vltava River in the 17th century. It was gradually surrounded with a wall and reinforced. Since 1838, the island has been

named after Žofie, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph the First. In 1848, a Slavic Meeting was held here, hence the name Slavic Island. Today, various social events are held in the representative building of Žofín. In 2002, the island was damaged by severe floodings,it was back into use in 2003.

GPS: 50° 4′ 45.1″ N, 14° 24′ 46.09″ E

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